Warning -A long write up
My awesome Mothers day tale – Anand agreed to be in the selfie..

Before I get lost in my write up -.
For a 80+F weather today I wore this simple soft saree.. Bought Sent from my iPhone
It has been an eventful week, very busy and happy and very exciting..I still have to write about Graduation day and the Saree.. I would have written about it today but after reading Ajey’s post, I just had to write about Mother’s day.

I took Ajey to South Asia Institute at Harvard University for a poetry session. Poets from many languages recited their poetry. I was driving with him and on the road his phone kept buzzing, he mentioned these are the notifications about his Mother’s day post. I made him read, While I was driving. I am just speechless so thought of just sharing the whole post. I asked him if he needed something (may be the Apple watch, hence all that maska ( the flattering:) but he said he really means it.. Now I wonder what did I feed him last night???
You decide.. Below is what my son’s facebook status-
Jaya Pandey-
I swear my mother has superpowers.
She can, from anywhere in the house, know where I am and what I am doing. She can cook masterpieces almost without looking. She knows what I should do before even I know what’s going on. And–most miraculously–she can still put up with my brother and me, even after almost eighteen years.
Maybe, when I was born, she got a pamphlet from God titled, “Superhuman Abilities for People Who Really Need Them.” Or maybe her omnipotence comes from knowing her children longer than we children knew ourselves. Wherever it came from, all I can do is stare in wonderment (and slight fear).
But even outside of her maternal power, my mother is utterly amazing. If she wants to do something, she does it and does it well. She can walk into a crowded party knowing nobody and in three hours befriend everyone in the room. She can unite, connect, and inspire in two languages. And somehow she’s cooler than me. I tell people that if she visits me in college, she’ll make more friends in a weekend than I will in four years–and I’m not exaggerating.
And oh, she does things. She goes to more events than I can keep straight, and she plays critical roles in many of them. She’s met fantastic people, and brought almost all of them over for dinner. And she’s doing that classic Jha/Pandey stunt where’s she’s going to school with me. No, seriously, we took a graduation gown selfie just yesterday.
I hear echoes of what my mother could have been, had she never had me or my brother. She could have done anything. She could have become a top executive, a globe-trotting writer, a leading activist. She deserved the world, but she left that behind–because she thought my brother and I were worth more.
I don’t think “grateful” is enough here.
Happy Mother’s Day.