Day 33. Some matches are made in heaven and some on earth. When I brought out the second of the two saris Keya Mami Chaitali Dasgupta had sent me to wear for the pact, at first I took out a plain green blouse that matched the border exactly but it seemed too plain😐 Anyway I went ahead and wore it but it looked more a shirt, less a blouse. So looked a little more and took out this blouse. This one came with my cotton Bomkai, which has the same colour combination as this Sambalpuri, only the shades of yellow and green are slightly different. But what would life be without a few little differences? So, there was a perfectly happy pair. Keya Mami would of course agree wholeheartedly as she staunchly believes any sari goes with any blouse. There is many a story of how my Ma Jhulan Bhattacharya has pointed out to her “ei blouse rongta sarite kothay achhe re (where’s that colour in the blouse?” and she always finds that little dot or line or the faintest trace of that colour in the sari!
The neckpiece is Ma’s, probably bought from Gurjari and probably a gift from her sister a long time back. It’s actually very similar to the neckpiece that Keya Mami had sent me along with the two saris and which I wore with the yellow Mangalgiri. Since I didn’t want to “repeat’ the accessory, I found this one. And it made a cosy couple with the sari. Earrings a very very old pair, a pavement buy. Wooden bangle and jura pin complete the happy family.

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