7/100 is my first Tant of #100sareepact. It is an off-white piece with a pink border & a dash of Dhonekhali strip in the aanchal.
The body is carved with sleek Kantha work in a beautiful designed pattern; an ideal summer-wear!

Saree Story
As far as I remember, today’s saree does not have any specific story which can be linked. 🙁
Well, I always have a fascination towards light Tant, (unlike the regular Tants, with an uncomfortable fall) and the simplicity of this specific piece has attracted me a lot!
The Kantha pattern was a bit different and it was comparatively an economical choice as a Kantha piece.

The Moment/Occasion
I tried to remember hard; no such earlier memory or moment! Rather, it is actually getting the real build up today in this platform…..
Nandita Madam likes sarees, which are easy to be handled; I do not remember wearing this saree ever, thus gifted her few months back.
But last night I dreamt this particular saree; contacted her and wore it for #sareepact occasion!!

Everybody in the office praised this “simple yet so attractive” piece; I paired it with a maroon Kantha blouse and pink smart neck-piece. While I entered office, one of the colleagues immediately took this snap !!!

Dear reader, do not think I have lost the link.
I PROMISE, I will return this saree surely to Nandita Madam after a first wash, very soon! 🙂

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