13/100. #100sareepact.

This is an ode to Kalamkari (1).

Chanchala is her name. She came to me in 2012 when I went to Hyderabad, from Nalli’s. It’s a question I often ask myself, and now you… How is it that the softest of fabric with the coolest of feel and smart staying power can be obtained from a branded store for ₹ 500 ? What do those workmen at the printers get? If any of you know do tell me.

So I wore it on occasion, or on ordinary working days. I used the matching blouse, I chose to contrast it with a dark brown depending on my mood the several times I wore it, but I always felt very well dressed, very smartly turned out each time.

Her sister, Chapala, well… She’s another favourite, She’s 14/100! Photos: Kaushiki Roy