Today I picked up my new, Bottle-Green Batik 5/100 of #100sareepact , remembering evergreen Tagore!
This White Cotton saree has Batik work done with Bottle –Green & Black. My black kantha blouse and silver jewellery made the look complete.

Saree Story
Originated in India, the art of Batik has come a long way from a mere handicraft. The word batik actually means ‘wax writing’.
The revival of batik in India began in the 20th century when it was introduced as a subject at the famous university of Shantiniketan (established by Tagore)

However my Bottle green Batik is not picked up from Shantiniketan.
The saree is sourced from Sundarban’s Tiger Widows of the Bidhaba Palli.(village of the widows)
In almost every village in Sunderban there is a woman, commonly referred to as a “Tiger Widow”, whose spouse has been a victim of a tiger attack.
This saree is created by those widows who run an NGO to earn their living.

The Moment/Occasion
Today is Rabindranath Tagore’s 154th Birth anniversary!
The Bengalis have a habit of involving Tagore in all the occasions of life, and why not, when he has so much to offer as well.
This new cotton Batik, is my offering, to my evergreen Tagore on his B’day. What an Idea !!!!