Today I dedicate 4/100 of #100sareepact to a Peach cotton Kota.
To me, Peach colour is very feminine and cute in nature!
And Kota, an ideal summer texture!
When both are punched, a Super Cool “CLOTH-TALE (think Cocktail ;);))” gets ready for office wear!!

Saree Story
Once, my mom-in-law discarded one her favorite “Dhakai” sarees, since it was badly torn!
I have a tendency of keeping things as memories and just not leave you see 🙂 (though at times it reflects I do not have a habit of ‘Let Go’….I feel)
Urmi di, my designer -friend, came up with this unique idea and created this new cotton Kota out of that old Dhakai. The entire border of the saree got the Dhakai wok, while the remaining parts which got restored were used as appliqué in the body. She also added her special thread works, few sequences for fine tuning.
I always consider this as one of those Path-breaking sarees of my wardrobe.

The Moment/Occasion
Keeping my 4/100 moment and today’s Kolkata Summer, few unique memories got added to this lovely Kota.
Pairing the Kota with copper jewellery gave an unusual twist.
And off course for the first time this wonderful saree got clicked by none other than Arundhati.

Today,as soon as I entered office, my colleagues expressed how soothing my saree is for their eyes in this summer!

My 4/100 Kota has “PEACHED (read Pitched :):) )” today’s summer mood in a perfect style!!!!

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