33/100 Early morning pit stop at Starbucks in the Fort Area for a quick Chai en route to my Eye Surgeon for my periodic post Glaucoma surgery check.
Then on to work where a couple of meetings are lined up.
This unusually soft salmon pink chiffon Leheriya is an old favourite. I match it with another old blouse that I am so sad one day will have to be retired as I wear it so often and my favourite silver danglers … Bought them at a Kashmir Emporium in the market in Kochi Fort! They are so beautiful … All three, the Saree , blouse and these earrings are a lesson to me …if your instinct says buy then buy ! The stuff that attracts you on sight and worms way into heart? Even though your mind tells you no, Indulgence is not good, go for it. They give you joy for ever!
Young Akshay at the cafe took this picture. His shift is from 7am to 3pm and he leaves home in Dombivili at 5:30am to catch the 5:50 am local to get here on time! And serves and works with such a brilliant smile. And he loved the idea of the Saree Pact!
And, I was complaining about having to leave home at 7am???

And good news on the eye front too ..post-surgery pressure remains normal ..Let me say a bit about Glaucoma here if I haven’t already.
Glaucoma is incurable and lost vision cannot be restored. Early diagnosis is the only key to save and preserve vision.
If you have family history like I have, my mother was diagnosed 27 years ago- then you need to get your eyes checked for early warning signs. Especially if you are above 40 .
I have two sons in their late thirties and unlike me ( I was stupid and never got myself checked up till 5 years ago when I was 58 and was diagnosed myself) they have gone and checked themselves , In fact this morning Vinay my younger son also came for his periodic visit to the doctor .
And he too is doing good but needs regular follow up.
And since we met , which is a rarity given our schedules and given it is Bombay I was like hey I want you in my 100SareePact so now my friends I present Vinay the lead vocalist of the heavy death metal band Bhayanak Maut in this last picture …more about him and his band when I go for a show in a saree I guess

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