#100 sareepact
Oh actually this is 2nd # write up. The first one was a beautiful memory.
I had to attend a function today morning. After that a work meeting. It was too hot. So definitely didn’t want to go for silk salwar suit! Then what? Cotton saree zindabad! So i chose to wear this cotton calcutta saree which i ad bought from an exhibition. I remembered Aai saying to me why did i buy saree? Why not some silk dress material! Who wears saree now days! ( well she herself does tongue emoticon & has never worn salwar suit or anything else). So this was best suitable for a small family ceremony as well as for my work meeting. Don’t you agree? Teamed up with a neckpiece which i had bought from Mahabaleshwar. Like Ramya i too dare ti wear Red lipstick smile emoticon
Attended the function & finished the meeting. Just then my shweeeeest sister Maithili Tamhankar called. And we made a plan for a marathi movie. Nope! I didnt change!!! People at the cinema( theatre) were looking at me as if I am wearing what!? Saree!!?? For a movie!!?? So what!? Didnt Malini Muddappa wear saree when she went to Lifestyle smile emoticon
You try it once too wink emoticon (applicable to female :P)
Feels amazing confident n just pretty for some reason i dont know!
Red cotton red neckpiece red ear rings…ufff too much red.
Watch the WATCH. Its red too wink emoticon
This is for the amazing ladies Malini Monika Manchanda Meeta Walavalkar Ally Matthan Anju Maudgal Kadam (i know you ate travelling darl) Madhu Mathur Radhika Rathi Ramya Venkatachalam Kashalkar Rajeshwari Iyer
When am I going to meet all of you pretty ladies!!!??? frown emoticon

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