Summery cool blue in Georgette is my saree of choice for today.. Another one of my fabric from chandni chowk converted into a saree with a intricately embroidered blouse . Have worn this saree on so many occasions and in so many cities for so many years now although the blouse needed a few stitches to be opened up I am happy that I still fit into it smile emoticon
The picture with both my boys was taken in Safina Plaza during one of my shows , those were the days when the kids thought it was fun to travel with mom and helped me from packing to unpacking and selling ! Till the day they realized the grueling labor we all put in including my staff and we all decided enough was enough and stopped doing shows altogether.
One of the pictures where I am feeding a horse I do not own horses and a stable frown emoticon this one was taken during my visit to Modi Institute in Lachmangarh , Rajasthan where my sister Beena Singh Teaches.
Its amazing when you think of it,the sarees which are otherwise just stacked up in your wardrobe each one has rich stories and memories attached to it ,the nostalgia they evoke is priceless… . Again I appreciate the intiative by Ally Matthan and Anju Maudgal Kadam which has revived the interest for the most popular and much loved ensemble of our country