A friend in Saree Pact mentioned about bad memories associated with Sarees, I gave her a nice gyan about moving on and adding the good memories. But at the same time I have to admit I have been doing the same, specially with one saree. Its been two years and I haven’t even opened and touched that saree.
four years ago I became part of a group and loved it. It brought back my love for music. The group sang filmy songs but for me it opened a new door, the door of music. I could go out once a month on my own and forget about everything and enjoy the music. Not to say I made some great fiends.
I gave lot of my time and energy to build and improve the group, took care of so many things. But at point some member’s ego, jealousy, arrogance broke the group apart. I was waring this black saree that day. This saree was a reminder till today for that dark day but now on I think I will remember it for a change, learning and moving on.
Thank you for everyone who helped me grow, learn and see the world differently.
Thanks Sumita, I am feeling much better after writing about it smile emoticon Now time to show that saree some sunlight..
Thankful to have some wonderful friends I got through that group..Please know you all shaped me in some way..