This fine classic hand loom creation from the South in a warm rust with tiny cream checks and the traditional Annam woven border in black and cream is a summer favourite .. It was a birthday gift to me from Ranjona Banerji well known and admired writer and journalist and that unmissable and irrepressible and irreverent presence on Social Media , More importantly , my gorgeous friend ! And as I took out this Saree to wear to work today I saw this message flash on my phone saying Week 2 of RT begins . So I guess it was ordained that today’s Saree Pact story is her’s . Besides all the other stuff my feisty Ranjona is taking by the horns in her inimitable style these days , she is also facing a diagnosis of Breast Cancer and after surgery has just begun her second week of Radiation Therapy . Detected at a very early stage and totally manageable and taken care of therefore, Ranjona has been talking and writing about her brush with the Big C at every possible opportunity and exhorting folks to go get that mammogram done . It’s strange that it is my work in cancer awareness and early detection that brought Ranjona into my life as long ago as the late 80s . She was writing in Midday those days and Shobha De who knew about my work asked Ranjona to check me out and do a story . And that’s exactly what she did ! Walked into a day long Cancer Check up Camp I was doing at the ACC offices in Churchgate and did a two page spread with interviews with the people who came for the check up , the doctors and moi! And ever since then we’ve been as thick as thieves sharing and revelling in our fondness for everything from our silver bangles, food , daaru and the joy of shopping for and wearing the best of hand looms from all parts of the country .. It is Ranjona who taught me the art of snazzying up the simplest of sarees with the jazziest of jewellery and wear them with élan and it is Ranjona who introduced me to the Blouses of Bijouri !! Celebrating your friendship today Ranjona and wearing your Saree !!! And them beads and earrings that is so your style !!!!

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