What do you do when you have to work on what was once a holiday? You dress up to lift your mood. Even better when someone dear has sent you a sari from her collection to wear. Makes you feel loved, makes you smile. I had mentioned to her that I have been wearing saris from Ma and Ma and she said “ebar amar ekta sari pore (wear one of mine)”. I didn’t have time to go and select one that day but I promised her I would be back. It’s been nearly a month and I haven’t been able to go but when my Ma visited her yesterday, she remembered. And she sent me 2 saris to wear and even thoughtfully added a neckpiece. So I returned home from work last night to find the surprise package. How could I not wear one of them today? Thank you Keya Mami Chaitali Dasgupta. Those of you who have been following my sari posts must be familiar with the name. On more than one occasion I have worn saris bought from her boutique. But today is different. This is one of her own saris and so so much more special. It’s an yellow Mangalgiri and it’s perhaps a coincidence that the very first sari I ever owned was an yellow one and gifted to me by her. I was may be three then and we lived in Damascus when Keya Mami sent me the yellow sari with red prints. I have a picture of myself wearing that sari over a frock and playing with my dolls, taken by my father.
Today’s yellow sari I have paired with an orange and green khand, which goes perfectly with the neckpiece Keya Mami sent me. Khands are in abundance in my wardrobe and my Ma’s since my Matu (Mashi) has lived in Bombay for several years. They can brighten up any sari.