Today’s saree is nothing more than a simple Georgette saree bought in Bangalore.
It is blue saree I couldn’t remember last week and I had to cheat and you all helped – oh yes, a big thank you for that.
Today I had my presentation – a last class of this course and my subject was – “Let’s see the world”.
my favorite thing on earth – Talk about various cultures and customs and rituals. it makes me happy.
So I decided to wear a saree, a simpe blue saree, and you all know now – Blue for Anand ,Blue for Autism in April.
So I wore the saree and first thing I hear from my son how pretty I looked.
Autism limits our life in many ways but it doesn’t stop my son in showing his love and appreciation. I got a big nice hug, a warm smile and a promise to be in the picture.
Here I am in frame with both my boys, OK Ajey just joined to have fun with selfie stick. So did my classmates. who can say NO to a farewell picture.

And a big thank you to all of you – I could wear all that red with blue just because #100SareePact showed me to mix and match.. a mix and match blouse some day very soon…

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