Saree Pact Is forging New Friendships.Went To Chillies Today with the Saree Brigade….When the post work hours so called Corporate Crowd spills over to Chill at Chillies..We in our Saree Attire did exactly the same thing…Talking Incessantly of mundane things….Career changes and How we loved our respective Avtaars…didnt realize how Time whizzed By…Really need to do these no agenda Meets more often…..!
Just realized that this is my 3rd Linen Saree that I possess and each color I love respectively …paired with the Orange Sambhalpuri collared ikat blouse..contrasts the sea green color block…and with oversized Jhunkas and a Nose pineterst!
Drove Back to a Hug from the kids!….Dunno why tho!

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