5/100 @ #100sareepact! Friends are joining in and I begin a short new series… Same saris worn by me and my daughters!
This handloom beauty is Mriganayani… I don’t know why I’m calling her this, but this is the first name that came to my mind as I started thinking of this sari and what to name her!
I bought Mriganayani from an exhibition in Kolkata, and the taanti ( weaver) told me that he has woven it with soybean thread. I like to think the shiny bit on the pallu is soya thread, but it might as well be on the flower and mango ( Paisley ) border.
It’s one of my favourites because I can wear it with anything and for any occasion and it looks great! Here I’ve worn a faux ‘thewa’, in a Paisley pattern, from Jaipur. On a perfectly routine day.
Also, the blouse is really smart, as if the border has snaked its way caressing the back…. Hmm…..
And more importantly my younger daughter Koninika looked soooooo pretty when she wore it, and had her FB profile pic in it. This sari is about mother and daughters cos my older one took the photos!