#100sareepact #sareefrommypast
This gorgeous piece was bought for my brother-in-law’s wedding in 2010. Braving the heat in May, my bestie Shara and I set out to buy me a saree for the upcoming wedding. Both of us had had a child the previous year and were glad to get out of the house leaving the kids with their fathers to take care of them. Appropriately enough, it was Mothers day!

We zeroed in on MG road. Went to the Prasiddi there, and perhaps for the only time I walked out of that store without buying anything. Then a few more stores on MG road happened, but nothing clicked…the so called Kanjivarams that they had were all coarse and too crisp for my taste. I was looking for something that was soft and would drape well. After visiting all the usual suspects, we finally went to Deepam. Now, I had reservations as I always felt this was a store that catered mostly to the ‘foreigner visiting India who wants to take a saree back’ crowd and had bloated prices. Also, because this is perhaps the only store where you have lady staff and I always felt (and still feel) that men are much more patient when it comes to saree salesmanship. Coming back to the saree, we see a few pieces and predictably I gravitate towards the more vibrant shades (read yellows, reds, oranges and pinks). The moment I saw this one, it was love at first sight. Gorgeous colours and the material was just what I wanted. But I still had to validate smile emoticon So saw a few more pieces, but my eyes kept going back to this one. Shara was the one who finally decided for me. The cost was high, but what the heck, I had only one BIL, so took the plunge. Till date, this is the most expensive saree in my collection. But then, it was Deepam, so that was expected I guess. I’ve worn this a couple of times, and lent it a couple of times as well (there is a lot of sharing that happens with my sisters and friends) Sadly, the blouse doesn’t exist anymore. I loved the blouse so much and wore it so often with various other sarees, that it has been literally worn to death.

This picture was taken after the wedding ceremonies were done with (Note to self: Take pictures before the ceremonies, not after you are tired). 2010 was when I still needed help in draping a saree, particularly such silks. Some lovely cousins-in-law helped me out…one of the few times when you’ll find me with a pleated pallu, the cousins’ choice, not mine