I bought this sari in the year 2000. It was an expensive indulgence and much as I loved it when I set my eyes on it, the price kept me in two minds – should I? Really?
In the midst of this debate that I was having with myself inside my head, I felt someone tug at the sari from somewhere on my right. I tugged back without giving it much thought. After a few seconds I felt a tug again, this time from my left!
Suddenly I realised that there were people around me who were waiting for me to let go of the sari so that they could grab it.
That was it! I made up my mind! This was going to be MY sari! I don’t care what it costs!
15 years later, I love it as much, if not more. Too bad I don’t get many opportunities to wear it, but whenever I do, it makes me feel special. This picture was taken last week, at a wedding.

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