Well When You Are A 9 to 3.30 (this time coincides with school timings incidently:)
Architect cum Space Consultant cum ‘Crusader’for everything Handcrafted…You are dependent on a support System..
As an Architect ur Contractor translates ur plans..just as a Weaver would transfer your idea into woven textiles..etc etc…
Any lapse in the system would not produce the end result as envisaged.
Ive been working with this particular Contractor -‘A’ for the past 6 years…wherein people see me in a very aggressive avtaar on site…’A’hails from Benares and amidst site cutting chais have figured out how he came to the City of Dreams when 13 years old..shouldered the whole responsibility of running his gaon ka ghar..khet…and managed to buy his own home in Mumbai.
One such achievement of his -today is getting one of his younger sisters married.
So am off to attend.
Cant be too Dressy..hence the Mura Shibori on Chanderi with Dokra handcrafted neckpc as per ma design! Many A times I tell myself I shall not take up the next project..but ‘A’ comes to mind and I say ‘Why Not’!

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