In the teaching profession, wearing a sari used to be a norm. Somewhere down the line, we forgot that. We went for what we assumed as convenient wear. The sari was forgotten altogether.
Sari draping is not as difficult as some think. There are a few basic rules to follow and you are done. I hardly ever take more than 5 minutes to drape one. It is choosing the accessories is what makes me mad.
The sari I chose for today was bought in Bangalore. My eldest SIL and I bought three similar saris, in black, beige and off- white. I chose the black, SIL chose the beige and we had bought the off-white for my mom.
Mom’s sari no longer exists. She used it for daily wearing and that’s about it. My SIL’s beige one is still pristine new. I have worn mine a lot of times. With a plain black blouse.
Today I wore pearl jewellery with it. Earrings and bangles were bought in Rameswaram, from the shop in President Kalam’s residence. The strand is a fake and is a gift from a colleague….

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