Sarees depict our moods n mysteries so well, don’t they! Here’s an example of one that embodies mine.
I had put this pic up on Facebook a week ago to showcase my new designs. But there’s quite a dreamy inspiration to it.
The saree is half blue and half brown. As a proud Gemini who enjoys the airy misty seas as much as the grounded n rooted earth; I wanted a saree with the combination of both. So I selected the light n breezy silk Kota & got my artist to paint busy and intricate flowers for the lower heavier earthy half & pure vivacious blue for the upper dreamy half! I’ve extended the half & half concept & designed the pallu to start earlier. This showcases the playfulness of the blue in the pleats below.
For me…every saree I design is a canvas…a place to shower my passion n love n moods!
The intriguing backlight adds to the element of mystery too doesn’t it!

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