Saree 38/100 #100sareepact

Recall my telling you we wouldn’t be half the women we are without the love and support of the men in our lives ? It’s true.

For the last fifty days, Ally and I, have pretty much dedicated every moment to the #100sareepact, as it grew. We realised we had to nurture this fledgling community for it to flourish. And each of you fellow Pact-ers have been with us through the journey so far.

Meet the men that have been with us every step of the way. Advice, sweat equity, backing, motivation and gentle tempering of enthusiasm, when we needed it, to focus on building the #100sareepact, the success of which has been our collective surprise and delight. I have leaned on these two men for support. Ketav & Rahul have been our rocks of strength.

A dinner together to celebrate our stories with our men.

The saree I am wearing is a gift from a lady who surprised me with her spontaneous, unexpected and kind gesture. I will cherish this saree for what it has come to mean to me – friendship, affection, bonds and blessings.