#100SareePact 23/100
Happiness is contagious and this post goes to prove just that. When you share your happiness with others, you make them smile and their happiness brings more joy back to you. Its an enriching cycle of love.
In the race of life, how often do we get to slow down and appreciate people, relationships and emotions. So when an aunt with whom you rarely get to talk, calls to tell how they love your Saree posts or when you open FB one morning to be welcomed by this heartwarming message by an ex-colleague/ friend or when a dear friend accompanies you to a whim even on a bandh day just to encourage your latest craze… You know you are blessed and doing something right!

The #SareePact to me is my route to redemption. It has taught me to appreciate thoughtfulness from friends and relatives. With every call, every message and every ride, I count my blessings.
Thank you Veena Hegde, Bindya Kuppathil and sandhya atye (Subhash Samant) kiss emoticon kiss emoticon kiss emoticon
This south silk checks Saree is my go to Saree when I’m in the mood in some vintage design and drape.

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