Euphoria is the same may be gets a notch higher each time sisters meet.Whether it is everyday or once or twice a year each meeting turns a memorable one.With all my sisters placed in different states for us meetings happen once a year. Its Diwali and Christmas rolled into one with parties, outings and picnics planned immaterial of the weather or career demands. Being second of six siblings sharing and caring comes as naturally for me as arguing and sulking 🙂 Sharing advice on bringing up the kids, recipes, husbands , career demands there is no dearth of topics to be discussed. After each holiday we hug and kiss , shed tears and wish each other well ..untill we catch up again.
Red and white jamdani a gift from my husband is what I am wearing, my sister Beena is wearing a blue silk and Sushma is wearing a hand painted cream tusser silk.

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