Saree No 14
The Saree itself doesn’t have any story, simple synthetic saree from my sister’s closet.
But the story is – it is a BLUE saree.
So many of you know that my younger son is on Autism Spectrum. he is a great kid with his share of strength and weakness like all of us.
Words and emotion and social norm dont come easy to him but music and art are his thing. He could play piano by his ears when he was young. he decided he doesnt want to practice everyday and the piano lesson stoped that day. But still he is my to go person for artist and songs and albums. you want to know anything about any Pink Floyd song, he is your guy.
I decided to wear all blue sarees in the month of April to raise awareness and accept him the way he is..
The Saree pact gave me a reason to take all the blue sarees out of my closet. I was in Hindi Manch Program last weekend and some one asked about Saree pact and many asked about my son. I have been wearing blue sarees and people start to notice it. If I wore blue shirt or Salwar Kurta I don’t think anyone would have cared.
I took out this blue saree to go to a Musical Gathering last night and someone again said -ahha, another blue. How is Anand doing?
So ladies here is a big shout out to you all – thank you for sharing this journey with us.. with much love and gratitude.

Anand wearing Dad’s glasses and having fun..