I don’t usually wear sarees unless there’s a wedding I have to attend, although sometimes, I do wear one during Diwali. However, I did wear a saree for my 12th grade high school graduation in 2010.

The saree is a gorgeous shaded pink that was first worn by my mother, then my big sister, and finally it was given to me. For me, this saree is filled memories of nostalgia, tears, and laughter. After all, graduation is the time when you may have to leave friends, family, and a school that was your second home. This why my pink saree reminds me of the good ol’ school days with the people I love and grew up with.

I remember the ceremony was filled with students that were equal parts scared and excited, including myself. Loved ones – family and teachers bidding us farewell, surrounded us. High school was one of the best moments of my life, and luckily my pink saree is something I can hold on to, in a way holding on to my school days.