So this saree is a tribute to the love of family. I was in India in 2012 and was in love with aqua blue and so wanted a peacock saree. Ofcourse I couldn’t find one. Later my sister Seema bought this saree in Chennai. It was not the aqua I was looking for but the whole saree was just right for me.

This saree is blue and I am wearing it in the month of April for Autism Awareness and acceptance and that makes it special.

Anand was eight when we finally got the diagnosis. His comprehension wasn’t up to his age and it took us really long time to figure out. He was interested in art and music but language was just not his thing. It was a tough year for all us. We all were learning to deal with his strengths and weakness and trying to figure out the best for him. My sister Seema wrote to me – “this world needs artist and musician and good human being, we don’t need only doctors or engineer”.

My sisters are my biggest strength. They learnt and read all about Autism and shower my son with their unconditional love.

Last Sunday I wore this saree to an event I was part of. I love being part of Hindi Manch. I was mcing and suddenly thought of my son. I got the love for literature from my parents but couldn’t pass it on to my son. Made me sad for a bit but then this blue saree held me together.

So this saree didn’t come with the memory, but created a memory.