April 14 1975- the day I fell in love………with the cutest most adorable doll ever-my sis Nisha !!
I remember being all of six years when papa took me to a hospital near chowpatty beach to see my brand new sis and I swear I haven’t to date seen a cuter baby- everyone used to call Munni a Farex baby…she was so roly poly and absolutely adorable!! Used to dote on her so much and was very protective of her-in fact I always feel that I have been more of a mother than an akka to her, maybe coz she was 6 years younger to me. Not for me the jealousy that most elder siblings are supposed to have – in fact I was so possessive about her that I used to be jealous if someone else got more attention than she did! I remember how hurt I was when amma used to scold munni & give more attention to a cute 2 yr old cousin who stayed with us….saying all the time-“he’s a guest- let him be “in typical pampering aunty style:) Finally she as a boisterous 6 year old almost beat him up with me egging her on ,before amma realised what was happening and called a stop -hahaha.. this story is legendary in our family wink emoticon She was one chatterbox when she was a kid, preening herself in front of the mirror all day just like Anjali her daughter does now and used to make up the cutest most imaginative of tall stories;) She has grown into such a beautiful smart successful gal who simply dotes on me n my kids and spreads love wherever she goes in her quiet selfless way….so so proud of her !! Wearing the first saree that she gifted me – a beautiful pink Tussar with mirror work all over!!
Happy birthday Munni-this one is for you!! Love you more than you would ever know….Muahhhh!!!! — with Nisha rai

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