Saree 16/ 100 #100sareepact
Wore a 30 yr old cherished benares georgette saree with real silver threads to the saree meet today coz I could not think of a story more dear than this to me.It belonged to my doddamma -my mom’s sister who was truly more than a mother to me. Vanitha doddamma was considered the most beautiful and the smartest among amma’s 10 siblings and no family decision was taken without her approval…she was the absolute powerhouse and strength of our family . I remember her wearing this saree for ajith mama’s reception in 1985 and how radiant she looked! She was very particular about how we presented ourselves and i believe had searched for days for this one. I got married in jan 93 right after the 1992 bbay riots and stayed for a month with her just before my marriage as mom was stuck in bbay. Even after I got married she was the one who stayed with me for a week and helped us set up our kitchen n new home from scratch.So it was a big shock for us when she was diagnosed with blood cancer just 3 months later and we had to rush her to tata memorial hospital where she passed away in my arms the very day we admitted her. I dont think any of us have still recovered from her passing away! Even today when I close my eyes I can feel her presence in this saree … miss you so much doddamma! !:(

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