Monday morning byes!
After seeing off kids to school (their academic year is august to may) and hubby to work, it was my turn to bid adieu for the day. And my big ball of fur was all over me refusing to let me go, I could almost hear him say “please don’t go, I get bored at home”.
Pic Courtesy: Parvati (my house help)
We had quite a few Raja Ravi Verma reproductions hanging on our walls. I have grown up with lot reverence for the sarees adorned by the most beautiful and graceful women and Goddess of Raja Ravi Verma.
So during high school (I must have been 13 yrs old) when I had been on a South India tour and saw women in the similar type of sarees that Ravi Verma choose for his beautiful women, I had to pick one. Bought this Mundu Saree for my mother from Kochi some 24 yrs ago, this was the first ever gift I bought for her without any adult supervision or guidance, (my one and only mallu friend in school to help me choose. Sunitha Archa remember?)…. Of course bought this from the pocket money dad gave, of which most was spent on this saree. But, no regrets, mum loved it, she wore this Saree with lot of love and now its mine grin emoticon
Sporting this today teamed with cross-stitch hand embroidered mirror work painstakingly made by my mum

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