Love this turquoise green Tussar silk saree screen with beautiful threadwork on the blouse and pallu and accentuated it with a seashell coral neckpiece with hints of turquoise in it- this saree was gifted to me by another one of my sweet SIL- Vaishali for my 10th anniversary…yup I have loads of them-older and younger &they all pamper me 
Have worn it so many times for important deals and for special occasions like the last day of my ISB class when we had a photo shootOur ISB Goldman Sachs10000 women’s batch was the bestest ever… had an absolute blast doing this programme – We had batchmates ranging from the yet to be married but very mature to the already a grandma but still young at heart types.. the beauty was that everyone blended in so well and there was so much spirit and joie de vivre in our class…made some fabulous friends for life who totally inspire me..a big hug going out to you all!! 
Had run my business very intuitively till then, so it was good to learn some new business skills and more importantly unlearn some too; )
A big hug and a thank you to Suma Krishnaswamy for introducing me to this programme. .I still remember her as a stranger trying to call me and somehow I was always driving or busy and would ask her to call later without knowing who she was or what she wanted! Finally she laughed and said one day-“You know what- I’ m not selling anything! I just benefited from doing this fabulous scholarship programme and wanted it to benefit other entrepreneurs like you too” I remember pulling over immediately, getting all the details from her and enrolling immediately the next day. It turned out to be an absolute game changer for me.. .. and yes Suma like you- have tried to pass on the learnings and the benefits of similar programmes to the newer entrepreneurs. It’s true what they say.. . the only way you can really repay a good deed is to pass it on to someone else:)

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