Have always been a daddy’s girl and always will be.. my papa was the cutest most adorable and absolutely the most loving dad in this world! ! Don’t think anyone got as pampered as me and my sis did.. we got scolded by him maybe once in our lifetimes!! He was just all heart and did not hesitate to show it- be it his love for amma to her intense embarrassment wink emoticon or his pride about his daughters and son in laws.. . we had to literally shush him up at times.. lol
He wore his heart on his sleeve and if he really liked something he would praise it to the skies but woebetide someone if they did something injust or wrong- I remember him even dashing off letters to the PM and being the writer he was -those letters were really something!; )
Have realised only lately how much of him I have in me coz I am just as undiplomatic as he is. .. good or bad ,I have to speak my heart out no matter what…with dire consequences at times; )
He also had this uncanny ability of making each one who came in contact with him feel that they were his favourites. .when he passed away two years ago from a stroke we were flooded with messages saying just that! This gadhwal saree brings emotions of sadness coz I had worn it for his 13th day ceremony and happiness coz he loved white and of course absolutely adored me in sarees… used to always tell me “Neetu you should only wear sarees… you look so pretty in them” Every time I think of him I can’t help smiling remembering his infectious laughter,and feeling tearful at the same time…but i know he’ll always be with us in our hearts forevermore!!
Happy birthday papa- this one is for you…. love you and miss you lots!!

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