Still stuck on the floral theme-added some leaves too this time;)… Love flowers both in my garden and on my sarees ! Wore this light summer silk in mustard yellow n bottle green with prints of leaves and flowers on it yesterday. .a cherished gift from sis in law Veenakka and Jagdish bhava for one of my wedding anniversaries! Yes, I get a lovely saree every year from them from Chennai- now how much more lucky can a girl get? wink emoticonThey are one couple we totally look upto in hubby’s family- Veenakka is a cutiepie firebrand with a heart of gold and fiercely protective of our family and my brother in law is the most creative, enthusiastic, caring person I have ever met……he is ever brimming with new ideas-truly no one can match his zest for life! I remember a day 18-19years ago when akka has even helped me pack my products when there was an urgent delivery. Blessed are we to have people like them in our lives to inspire us and always look out for us!

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