He is called papa by everybody and rightly so, because he is the most caring, sensitive, nature loving, tree loving, animal loving, Curt Cobain loving, music loving guy on the surface of this Earth.
Met him as a colleagues husband more than a decade back and it was just small pleasantries till the unfortunate terrorist attacks in Mumbai.
That is when he opened his arms, his heart and his home to my husband who needed to wash up, eat a warm meal and sleep after the ordeal only to go back to the hotel.
Since then the Nongrum household has been a second home for us with the wine and music flowing and nobody leaving that house without a meal no matter what time of the day or night.

Today is Alberts birthday which was brought in last evening and I chose to wear my Buddha saree, cos he is the epitome of peace, calm, quiet, is rooted, has very few needs and is simplest of the lot.

The saree is on dobby cotton with digital printing and made under my brand Devi 


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