Starting the day with lot of different events!! Daughters leadership summit, workshop and appointments!!! Woooh

So had to be a Saree!!!

This is a time when I was in Bombay living with my in- laws in a joint family!!! ……the shopping of this Saree done with my Mom-in- law….she tells me that bright colors look very good on me……during my wedding when we were doing the trousseau shopping, 12 years back there was a trend of pastel shades….whenever I used to try those light purples, pinks and greens they never looked good on me….!!!

Another reason is that my mom always wears contrast blouses. She can actually pick up any blouse from her wardrobe and combine a Saree with it… today I am experimenting with a contrast blouse!!!! I always felt how effortlessly she could do it!!!! Feeling really good and confident today !!!..

And special thanks to my cousin bhabhi who went all out to hunt this blouse foSweni Kevin Shahn Shahhah big thank you. I hope I am doing justice to the blouse.

And the jewellery is also a gift from a dear friend Sumithra….

Its a culmination of lot of mixed emotions!!! Family and friends and being a parent!!Anju Maudgal KadamdaAlly MatthanhaMeeta PanickerkeNeha MathurhuKavita Thankynky


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