I began doing summer jobs when I was in grade 8. This is the saree I got from my savings after working a summer job in grade 9. Y dad was shocked when I said I want to buy a saree, he agreed if I agree to not wear it for a few years at least, he didn’t want to picture me grow up too soon. So off we went dad and I to pick a saree. We both knew nothing of buying one. The instructions to the shopkeeper was simple, this is the budget – the best saree that can come in it. He showed a few and dad and I both gravitate towards black and off white and whites, we picked this and gladly went home. Have worn it twice before this. Its 21year old saree and I hope to do more justice to it
Today, thanks to #100sareepact , got to know its coimbatore cotton silk blend and how its yarn is dyed to cut costs and yet give it a good look.

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