Never leave home without that Black and Something Saree ! Never know where you might be invited to go . All I had planned to do this evening in Patna was to order Room Service and make those Power Point presentations for tomorrow’s meeting . But then Prashant Kumar our Volunteer #1 here had another plan . Amma ! He said ; Aaj Rekha Bharadwaj Ka Show hai and I was like oh! Sasural Genda Phool and said give me 10 minutes to change and here’s my 9/100 offering .. Printed Chiffon again this time in classic Black , Cream and a little bit of Gold . Just enough to justify wearing my favourite dull gold plated earrings . I love the fall of this Saree and I guess it’s because it’s weighted down a bit by its really unique , satin woven border . It’s not a new Saree but one I’ve worn a few times but talking about it makes me look at it with new eyes … The lady at this little shop in Mahalakshmi where I source almost all my Sarees bought in Bombay has this unerring eye and I buy what she recommends with eyes closed . This is one of those and thank you Prashant for taking the pictures

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