This subtle unorthodox block print on mulmul was bought many moons back from Soma , when we lived in Delhi. It has seen many a days at work at ABN AMRO as well as Credit Suisse in both Delhi and Mumbai.
What took it to the hall of fame is that it was part of my daughters final packing for boarding school at the age of 9. Besides the mandatory packing per school list, I had given the option of 5 more things which would make her feel at home. And that little child chose her favourite books, her raggedy soft toy, a star shaped seen-better-days cushion and this saree!
On asking why saree, pat came the reply ‘I want something which smells of you Momi and feels like you’!!!
Its four years since then, she’s made bonds with peers, seniors and teachers that are irreplaceable and does not need my saree next to her any longer every night but has made this saree of mine a treasured possession forever 

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