I didn’t have a paithani in my wardrobe till this one. This saree just called out to me. It’s an unusual Paithani in the sense that it does not have a contrast border and the silk is much lighter than the regular Paithanis. I bought it in Pune from Kasat Exclusive and looking at my enthusiasm as well my husband’s discerning taste, the senior Propreitor himself came and sat with us as we chose Sarees. This saree was removed from hidden corner and he confessed that he does not normally show this to all because it was not your typical Paithani. Apparently this saree takes thrice the time to be woven than the others because the silk used is lighter and smoother. I fell in love the minute I saw it and have worn it so many times since . I gave the attached blouse piece to Aai and got a contrast green one made with hand embroidery on it.
One of the pics is with my daughter Ruhee, clicked at Hubli on the occasion of my nephew ‘s thread ceremony. I just love the happy, pinky vibe of the pic:)
The other was clicked during Ganapati- the first time I wore the saree.

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