This cotton -silk saree (orange with checks and a green pallu) was my sister’s gift to me, bought with her first-ever paycheck. She is generosity personified and has an eye for colour, both admirable qualities! I wore thissaree today to an event. Also one of the few times I have worn a large bindi, as I shy away from them too often. Makes my face look chubbier than usual

Now for a slightly humorous story about the saree. It came with a pretty blouse bit attached to it, so I decided to get it stitched. I found a tailor who promised that I would get it made as per my specification. Two whole months went by and I never got to see the blouse. Finally, in sheer frustration, I stomped into his store and demanded to see the blouse bit. To my horror, he held up the mangled cloth, saying that there would be sufficient material for just one sleeve! I looked at him as if he was off his rocker, looked at the name of his shop ‘Mother’s choice’ and said, ‘Even your own mother would not forgive you for this.’ In retrospect, that may have been unkind  but it WAS a beautiful piece of cloth!