Mukaish is a traditional art work from the Lucknow area which is now dying. It is an art form where thin strips of metal are used instead of thread to create embroidery. It is said that a good artist will make even the metal feel like silk and it will never poke. One of the reason it is dying is because of our changing sensibilities. Mukaish is traditionally done on dark, bright colors in flowers and other big and bold motifs.

I love Mukaish as an art but the above doesn’t work with me, so my mum got this saree made for me for my wedding. The work is just dots all over the body and elephants on the borders. She bought plain white crepe and got this done from an artist in Chandni Chowk. She then got it dyed in the color of one of my favourite silk sarees of hers, so lovingly in a way only mothers can.

Oh yes thank god for multicolor blouses because the blouse of this one obviously doesn’t fit me anymore


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