Who on earth needs full length slinky western gowns when we can show off our style in our very own glamorous desi sarees  !
Not only does the beautiful elegant saree have EQ -proven beyond doubt by the emotional stories pouring out , IQ ( what fabulous thought goes into each unique design) but truly it has GQ as well….loads of glamour quotient actually;)
This striking royal blue Garden vareli saree has been sitting in my wardrobe for years now for want of a perfect blouse to match its vibrancy… Nothing seemed to work till I finally got my hands on material left over from my kid sister Lakshmi’s wedding trousseau and got it transformed into a lovely high necked, collared ,low backed beauty….never mind that the blouse cost me much more than the saree did….hahaha- was worth ever penny;) !! Didn’t get a chance to show it off …until now!!;)
Accessorised with peacock blue earrings from Karigari , lent to me so sweetly by a dear friend Meeta who herself was absolutely rocking in a fabulous black n gold saree …don’t miss the hotttt cummerband
We rest our case- do we really need to say more;)

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