Simply love this beautiful saree for it has a moving story weaved into its very warp and weft!
Came across this lovely handcrafted saree on an online fb page-Uyate sarees and immediately fell in love with it…Without much ado placed an order online with the talented charming creator of this work of art whom I only knew fleetingly through fb then…After a few days, I again messaged her on fb and was moved to tears by her feisty story…turned out that this gutsy lady was in the midst of bravely fighting a lone battle against domestic violence..She had a court case to face the very next day but she was worried sick about how it would turn out as everything seemed to be going the wrong way due to her nut of a lawyer …
Somehow somewhere she struck a chord in me with her sheer guts and grit in standing up to domestic violence without any support & despite her failing health and could not resist sharing my magic mantra ” The Secret” and its video with her to help her bring in positive vibrations to dispel the gloom….had a long heart to heart chat with her.
People who are close to me, know what a believer I am in the power of the universe & it worked its magic once again!Was so pleased to know that it inspired her so much that she even argued her case herself in court the next day with positive results….and I got my saree and a gem of a friend as well!
Thus to me this saree will always be an ode to her matchless courage and grit……an absolute goddess… salute Devi Meenakshi !!