This is my mum’s organza which has a bit of brasso and a bit of weaving in it. Pink and blue flowers and black base. Growing up it was one of my favourite sarees. It was black and had flowers, as a girl that is all that mattered to me I wore this saree for my college farewell party and hold your breath people because this saree has the privilege of being the garment I was wearing when I had my first HANGOVER. Yes bunch of graduating adults, a little money from the street play we did and access to alcohol. God what a night it was, I don’t think I need to say anymore or rather I SHOULD say anymore. I took this saree from merely for the purpose of memory, since I didn’t think I will ever wear it again. It adds bulk and God knows I don’t any more of it but this morning dealing with an hangover and looking at the sarees, I thought why not. Only helps that I am headed to meet a few friends for yet another drinking afternoon, seems like I will never grow 

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