This is about a young smart lady in office, who used to clean the rest rooms. She took up that job as she lost her father and had to take care of old and sick mother. But, she had the desire to study.

My saga started there, we digged her old records in her school and got her enrolled to 10 (SSLC) as private candidate. Got her enrolled her into private evening tuition classes and english speaking classes. It was fun times when I used to compel her to talk to me in English. She passed 10th Grade, completed her PUC(Plus 2), and she got a job as front desk operator.

On 7th June, she came to me with a package wrapped in news paper. Underneath the cover was this beautiful saree. She pleaded me to accept this as my birthday gift! She told me that she spent only Rs150.

When the intent of the gift is love, Does price matter? Priceless!
My mother used to give evening tuitions to so many girls, used to tell me educating a girl is like educating a family. She will make sure her kids get educated.
So, Next time when you see a girl in this situation, pl tap her shoulder and ask ” Are you interested in studying?”
Photo courtesy: Kempamma