my mom was a teacher before she retired and for 39 years of her life she wore saree every day to school (last few years she did start wearing suits but more or less sarees). She would wear crisp cottons, georgettes and chiffons in summer. Pack them painstakingly in September and take out the silks and the crepes, they would get sunned and ready for wearing October onwards. She owns a LOT of sarees as a result and breathtaking ones too, collected from across India, attention being paid to each saree bought. Now me and sister Isha are both saree lovers and we often tease her (actually we both are dead serious) that please make a will of your saress if you want your daughters to be on talking terms (yes we are mean like that) but I have been super mean, everytime I go to Delhi I have been flinching a few sarees from her and last week when Naren went to Delhi for a business trip and was telling mom about the #100Sareepact guess what came along with him, a bunch of sarees. I was a very happy girl, but hey don’t tell Isha 

This is a kota cotton with lucknowi work on it perfect for scorching sun outside today


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