Today was coffee meet up with whitefield moms group and it gave me yet another reason to get my Saree out. This is a lightweight printed crepe when all satyapaul sarees were being sold big time.
So, in Vinod’s customs once we go to mom’s place after godhbharai, we return back after 56days of baby being born. So that gave me a good 4 months nearly at mum’s. Being pampered and all.
My mil used to visit me often and one of the trips we went shopping. Both of us pointed at this Saree together. She let me pick it up (gauging my hormonal mood swings) at the time. We got 2 blouses done, so she could wear it when. She wanted to of course.
The first time I wore this Saree was when I was taking Arnav, my first born to his home. Back to my in laws house after 56 days. It was Diwali and very auspicious. Fond memories of this one

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