Rocked a training programme in this elegant soft Pashmina today..Thissaree is extra special to me coz just last month I had reached out for it when I was invited to give a talk on Entrepreneurship at of all places- My own college in Bombay- MITHIBAI !!.Woohoo…. What a feeling it was to be on the other side of the fence & address the students at your own college where you had studied more than 25 years ago as a proper do chottiwali telgudi student.. hahaaha….had fun telling the MPharm students about what a chaploos I was back then….so had to go in style in a sareena  Couldn’t believe they have A/c classes now while we used to swelter away in the Bombay heat!!
Brought back memories of the amazing Bombay sandwiches and the special panipuri outside Mithibai- the yummy taste still lingers!! So glad Tabassum Khan a dear friend from Mithibai & pharmacy college who teaches there now bulldozed me into sharing my humble journey so far…..absolutely had the time of my life;)
Honestly nothing like a saree to give you that extra boost of confidence- right Ally Matthan Anju Maudgal Kadam  and of course made more beautiful with lovely jewellery from bespoke art and Nidhi Kedia- btw forgot to add- the blouse is stitched in record time by amma dearest- any wonder this saree is special to me from all counts!!

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