This pic is about 4 years old. The beautiful saree is a rust organza with soft gold lines, butti and border. It’s a saree that was offered to the deity at a temple (I think it was the Sajjan Rao circle temple). You know how devotees take vows and donate stuff to temples when they are fulfilled. The temple authorities then give them away as prasaad to other devotees who donate large amounts of money for the running, restoration, etc of the temple.

This saree was given to my elder sister Kumuda who passed away last year. She in turn gave it to me. Kumuda was a great philanthropist besides being an excellent naturopath and generally hugely talented. She was also very eccentric and quirky. But then which family are we talking of?? Deepthi Anand Heera Mohan Pushpaa Rao would surely agree with me that when we shake our family tree, a lot of nuts fall down grin emoticon

p.s. Sorry if the expression in this is that of a dying-méké-in-ICU. I can never ever flash smiles at the camera!