They say you remember moments that become special because often they occur when you are engrossed in the mundane, everyday life.

On a warm evening in May, last year, my phone rang while I was walking on the balcony completing my step count.

A voice identified itself as Sahil, and we chatted for quite a bit about…well, everything. The environment of entrepreneurship in Bengaluru, thinkers, doers, and what I do. After a while we finished our call and I disconnected.

And took a deep breath.

Two and a half months later, after seven script iterations and lots of emails back and forth with the team, I found myself standing on the red dot delivering a TED talk on the #100sareepact, in front of a live audience and multiple cameras.

I admit, I was nervous. For this was not just my story I was to narrate, but ours.

Just like you, I have turned to TED talks for inspiration, belief and positivity. Would I be able to do justice to what happened to us all, how we changed after the pact, forever, from then on? I humbly submit, I tried very, very hard to do so.

The talk airs on Sunday, ‪on 7th January 2018‬ on Star Plus, Ted Talks Nayi Soch. I hope you will watch the program as I pay tribute to a movement that still binds us all.

The magic of the #100sareepact continues as more join in to add their stories to the saree narrative. I also continue to nurture and build this movement, and will add more purpose and meaning to it in years to come.

To each one of you who made the pact your own, I stood on your shoulders to tell the world our story. You made me look taller than I am. Thank you. ‬


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