In the beginning of 2016, I stood all droopy shoulders, dejected, lacking motivation and emotionally battered. And had hit rock bottom in health and fitness in a decade. This was surprising even to me, considering how hard I’d worked and trained for the @oxfam_india #100km walk which my team and I completed in January 2015.
I was determined. If one year could pull me down so low, I was going to make myself my most important project and take control. I gave myself two years to #fitatfifty. It’s taken loads of will power, hours of exercise and cooking for myself, but mainly it’s been a mental battle, I’ve never really shied from exercise…a mental battle to stay positive, will my knee and neck to behave ( physically my weak points then), bring balance to my blood reports, fight the cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure with food choices and a change in lifestyle.
As I inch closer to fifty here is my report card.
Diabetes in control. Hardly any spikes or lows through the day.
Cholesterol is normal. Blood pressure is normal.
Fat content versus muscle content is still high, but I’m constantly working on that…it will take time.
I’ve reversed my metabolic age by ten years and I can confidently say I have more energy than most 25 year olds I know.
What began as a battle to correct imbalances inside my body led to a 15 kgs weight loss. Sloooooooooowly. I’ve never been thin. To a thin person I am still overweight. I am. But I can lift my bodyweight today. I can carry my coach on my shoulders.
One more thing, many, many people have asked me why…why this is important, we will all die one day.
Sure we will, but I want to live everyday of my life to the fullest.
This is what 15 kgs of potatos look like. All the potatoes in the photo.
I’ve learned in this journey about my strengths. I’ve also learned that I will always be work in progress.
T- 90 days to #fitatfifty. I’m going to do a countdown with my fitness posts and nutrition posts and hope you will join me in making a small transformation to your life too. No matter what your age.
Join in ?